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The Bukhatir Group gathers an enormously valuable selection of managerial talent within its fold. Its executive ranks include the finest, experienced, efficient, and technologically savvy managers from across the globe. Visionary leadership at the top, combined with managerial competence down the line, has made the Bukhatir Group what it is today: a large, diversified, successful, and profitable enterprise.

Bukhatir Group management recognizes the responsibility to provide staff with an environment to nurture their personal growth and hone their potentials. We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate minds to help us in building the path for continuous success.

The Bukhatir Group prides itself on competitive employee benefits, performance management programs, employee rewards, recognition, and incentives. These are all intended to support and further individuals who wanted to build his career within our group.

If you enjoy working in a team, value innovation, and hard work, we invite you to join us in a performance-driven culture, to experience both personal and professional growth and the excitement of a Bukhatir Group career.

Our Leaders

Abdul Rahman Bukhatir


By the mid-1970s, the United Arab Emirates had come into existence and was facing the beneficial fallout of the oil boom. With the advent of prosperity, Mr. Bukhatir rightly foresaw the onset of vast, nationwide construction activity, and created his business strategies accordingly.

As a young man, Mr. Abdulrahman Bukhatir was an unlikely candidate for a businessman, the son of a highly reputed judge, he joined a British bank after completing his education.

“But I guess my aspirations were unlimited,” he reminisces. “I began to look for other opportunities, and I realized the potential of life from the other side of the banker’s counter. Before long, my frame of mind had changed, and I quit my job, to get into business.”

With his aspirations, self-confessedly “unlimited,” Mr. Bukhatir began trading in timber, cement, and steel. He always sought new business opportunities – a trait that has today, no doubt helped him transform the Bukhatir Group into one of the UAE’s most diversified business houses.

Many of his companies were pioneers in their sectors; Emitac was the first to introduce information technology to the UAE, Conmix was the first to produce concrete and plaster mixes, Nitco was the first to offer prefabricated houses, and ULO was the first to deliver underwater grouting for oil installations. Additionally, the introduction of the sport of cricket to the country, was an innovation on its own, one that has rendered Mr. Bukhatir, a household name in the Indian subcontinent.

Mr. Bukhatir is also very much a ‘pro-people’ man. “I lay great value on human relationships. This is more so when they are built on mutual trust, regard, and appreciation. These relationships can take you a long way towards achieving your goals,” he says, adding that “personally, I have always looked at success as the reward of hard work by people, men and women ─ regardless of gender, color, or ethnic background”.

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Salah Abdul Rahman Bukhatir


Salah Bukhatir, Chairman of the Bukhatir Group, is an Industrial Management graduate, from the United States of America, and has over 3 decades of experience in managing the subsidiaries of Bukhatir Investments Limited. Mr. Salah personally directs and oversees project development in the fields of construction, retail, and education, for the Group.

In addition to being the Chairman of the Bukhatir Group, Mr. Salah had also been the Chairman and Board member, of various companies and academic institutions, across the UAE.

Blending worldly knowledge with spiritual learning, he started memorizing the Holy Quran during his university days and completed it soon after graduation.

He pioneered the establishment of the International School of Creative Science and the American School of Creative Science, which embody world-renowned standards, rooted in faith, and has received acclaim from the Ministry of Education, as well as international accreditations.

Mr. Salah had previously been a member of the following institutions;

  • Sharia Faculty, University of Sharjah
  • Business Administration Faculty, American University of Sharjah
  • Awqaf (endowment), Sharjah
  • Emirates Islamic Bank
  • Founding Chairman of Noble Quran and Sunnah EST, Government of Sharjah
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